Supertrend Indicator In Tamil With Best Combination Of Indicators

Supertrend Indicator in Tamil

How To Use Supertrend Indicator In Tamil

Video below explained about the Supertrend Indicator In TamilBelow video would clear the basic doubts about the supertrend indicator. Like how to use the supertrend indicator to make Profit? The Best settings to use for supertrend indicator, and the combination to use with super trend indicator to make profit in stock and future market. 

Above Video about supertrend indicator will help the traders to understand the real movement of the market. Can Download the supertrend Indicator Formula from the following link. First the traders should know the basic movement of the market. Mean the traders should know the trading pattern of the market. Only the trading pattern decide the movement of the market, Not the Indicators. Traders loosing the time and money in stock market by searching for best Settings in supertrend period and multiplier for intraday. And Traders are Busy in creating the supertrend 1 minute strategy, supertrend 5 minute strategy,10 minute strategy and more. The result remains the same Loss. So Stop Searching for best combination with supertrend indicator. Supertrend Indicator in Tamil

The trend is your friend! we travel with trend But our friend makes us loss. Do the traders think why it happens ? It is because the indicators are designed for making us trade, To make the institutional traders profit. We make a loss and institutional makes profit from our loss. We Explained our RSI trading strategy in our blog So kindly dont forget to visit. Supertrend indicator video are uploaded on our youtube channel Dont forget to visit it too. So is there any chance to convert a super trend as profit indicator ? The answer is yes, But How ? Should wait for our chance to enter. We should think like institutional and we should make a orders at stop hunting points.

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