Forex Hedging Strategy EA In Tamil

forex hedging strategy in tamil

Forex Hedging Strategy In Tamil

Forex Hedging Strategy Guaranteed Profit

The above video are explained about the Forex Hedging Strategy in Tamil. Trading forex market and making Profit in it are big dream for all forex traders. But only few traders have succeeded in it. Mean only 10% of forex traders are succeed in it. Balance 90% for traders are finding hard to find a proper entry points to make a profitable trade. forex hedging strategy guaranteed profit method are not possible for all forex traders. Because the hedging are more risk in trading without the proper knowledge. We teach a forex trading strategy in tamil and English make a use of it. forex hedging strategy in tamil

Who can make a trade in forex using hedging method ? 

  • The trader who have a proper knowledge about the market turning point.
  • Who can analyse the trend reversal.
  • And the traders who have sufficient fund to reinvest in market

If the forex traders have the above criteria  can trade in forex with hedging strategy.

The forex or the future traders always search for strategy that works always in profit. the truth behind is, it is not always possible to make a profit in market. Even now few traders dont know the meaning of hedging, they search for forex buy and sell at the same time strategy. The great quote of Warren buffet , Rule 1 : Don’t lose the money & don’t forget the rule 1. This quote was misunderstood by forex and future traders. Since they dont want to lose money they use the hedging in forex market. And finally they search for answer of how to hedge a losing forex trade? and how to get out of hedge forex? can visit our youtube channel to know about the youtube forex trading strategies in tamil. Finally we are in conclusion of the article Trade with Stop loss.



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