Forex Best Ea In Tamilnadu

Best forex Ea robot in Tamil nadu

Who Provide the Forex Best Ea In Tamilnadu ?

Looking for Forex best Ea in In Tamilnadu? Or searching for best Forex Robot (EA) Provider in Tamil nadu. We Chidhucommodity are here to help you to give the need of you the traders. We Chidhucommodity are Expert in creating the Ea for Forex market and Indian market. Most importantly we code our Ea with simple programming. Our Ea codes are quite different when you compared the codes with other. Meanwhile before getting into the topic, lets us explain our professional of business. Chidhucommodity are mainly focused on Ea robot Development. Preprogrammed Ea for Sale is secondary.

The Below Ea is the preprogrammed Robot for recommendation if client required it. As a result if you traded on dollar account it will sure result to Loss. Because it use the martingale logic. To clarify the doubt martingale refer this page. Can Find the withdrawal proof of the Gold cent account Ea on below video.

Certainly the traders trading on the future market will make both loss and profit. In other words to make your losing traders into profit you need a best martingale setup. Kindly subscribe our youtube channel for best trading ideas. The above video shows the clear example of profit we made using the forex gold ea. Since the Ea use the lot multiple logic, more fund in need. The common traders with 500$ investment or 1000$ cannot use this Ea on standard account. so, if you are to use this Ea you should trade this Ea only on cent account.

Best forex Ea robot in Tamil nadu

Hope the traders understand about the Ea. Actually this Ea was designed by us. it is one our client bought from others and redesigned to make a profit in gold cent account. With 720$ Investment it made a profit of 1400$ profit by last 7 months.


Robo Trading Software In Tamilnadu

Robo Trading Software In Tamilnadu

Robo Trading Software In Tamilnadu – From Chennai 

Chidhucommodity are best in to Develop Best Robo Trading Software in Tamilnadu. We have 12 years of experience in robo software coding for Forex and Indian market. We can easily understand the needs of our clients. And code according to their needs. Meanwhile before getting into the topic, We highly recommend to subscribe our YouTube channel. To learn a free trading strategies and market patterns kindly subscribe.

Robo Trading Software In Tamilnadu
Forex Robot Trading software in Tamilnadu

Firstly lets us explain the advantage of trading using a robot in Forex or Indian market. Further we get into the risk and reward we get from robo trading software. Since we are well experienced in this market we know the advantage of robo trading. Let us explain about it. First advantage is the robo trading software will control you emotion in trading. Secondly the controlled emotion will convert your losing trades into a profitable trade. It is only if you have a better trading strategy. To know more details about the cost we charge, kindly contact us. The below video is about to show of how the robo trading software works for Forex market. If you are searching for Best Robo Trading Software In Tamilnadu sure we will there to help you.

In conclusion of every manual trading strategy there will result of both profit and loss. Even the robo trading has the same. But the main advantage is we can book the profit on big trend market. The above video is a pure martingale robo trading software. It is used for trading gold in Forex market. Similarly there are many martingale robots in market. But not all the software makes profit. Actually the above software we not designed by us. It is actually client trading software. kindly contact us to know more about it.



Mt4 Programmer In Chennai Tamil nadu

Mt4 Programmer In Chennai Tamil nadu

Mt4 Programmer In Chennai From Tamil nadu

The best knowledge in market with good programming skill is us. We are one of the well experienced Mt4 Programmer In Chennai from Tamil nadu. Meanwhile we are going into the topic lets introduce our well experienced mt4 programmer in Chennai from Tamil nadu. There are only very few mt4 programmers in Tamil nadu from Chennai. In that we Chidhucommodity are best in programming them for all traders in major cities in Tamil nadu. Different programmers use the different programming languages to create a mt4 indicator & Ea.

Most of the programmers use the complex lines to develop a program. Thus most of the coding doesn’t work well on mt4 terminals. It is because some new mt4 developer from Chennai Tamil nadu use more complex commands for simple program. More programmatic lines could cause the hanging problem when loading the chart on mt4 terminal. The main logic is it should be simple for the program to load the mt4 terminal. Meanwhile if got any doubt of creating a strategy kindly follow our YouTube channel.

Mt4 Programmer In Chennai Tamil nadu

We Chidhucommodity have more than years of experience in this coding field. Our motto is not to get a project from new or experienced traders. Our motto is very simple; we focus on explaining the cons and pros about their trading system. Before we start the programming of client strategy into a Ea or indicator, we have a clean thorough conversation by phone calls. If traders are not good in communicating, they can send their trading strategy to our mail id. We go through the mail and will create the Ea based on their requirement. If you are looking for to develop a Robo or indicator on mt4 from Chennai or around Tamil nadu Feel free to contact us by phone or mail id.



Best Forex Martingale Robot In Tamil

Best Forex Martingale Robot In Tamil

Best Ea Forex Martingale Robot In Tamil

Chidhucommodity provide the best Forex Martingale Robot settings for Forex traders in India. Before we get into the Topic Lets Know What is Mean by Martingale Trading Robot or robo in Tamil. Martingale is nothing but of placing a orders or incrementing an orders on losing side of the trades. For example, we make a buy at 100 the market is going downside to 95 now we place another order with increment of lot size. Meanwhile let’s take a look to our YouTube channel Chidhucommodity. This channel contains the best trading strategy for Forex market and Indian stock, commodity market.

Best Forex Martingale Robot In Tamil

During the analysis of trading strategy most of the traders would skip the adding the martingale logic into their strategy. What is mean by Forex martingale meaning in Tamil? Watch our video you will get some clarity about it. Instead of searching for best Forex martingale in Tamil or Forex martingale Ea in Tamil try to create it by your own. Meanwhile let’s see an example of how to create a martingale Ea or Forex robot instead of searching it. If you have any doubt about the below example kindly contact us

As we explained previously, martingale is of about to add the lot size on losing side of the trade. For example once you bought gold at 100 the gold is going downside to 90 or below by that time you should buy another lot with increase in lot size. Hope the below example will make you understand about the Forex martingale logic.

Example Of Using Martingale Logic In Forex Market

  1. Gold buy at 100  with lot size of 0.01
  2. Gold went downside to 90, here buy gold with lot size of 0.02
  3. Again gold went downside to 80 or below, here again buy gold with lot size of 0.04
  4. Here the main logic is if gold reached an entry point of you 1st lot, you can book all the profit you bought at bottom with 0.04 lot size.

Before we get into the conclusion the traders should understand the risk behind the martingale logic. Trading martingale with a proper creation of strategy could leave to loss of your investment. We Chidhucommodity are the best mt4 Forex Ea developer in Tamil nadu. If you are searching develop the mt4 indicator developer in Tamil nadu kindly contact us.




M Trading Pattern & W Trading Pattern In Tamil

M and W Trading pattern in Tamil


There are many trading patterns in the market. But M AND W TRADING PATTERN are best of all. In this article we will explain Why it is best of all. Firstly the traders should know how the patterns work. The Patterns are nothing but of finding the movement of traders mindset. We can analysis the mindset of the traders by using the market patterns. Explained the M and W Trading Patterns in Tamil On Our YouTube Channel. Kindly make a Visit of it.

M and W Trading pattern in Tamil

Where the M and W Trading Patterns are Used In Future Trading ???

The Above all Image Shown are the Basic Structure of M and W Trading Patterns. I Follow the M and W Trading patterns on Trend Reversal Points. If Market Reach a Higher High, I Wait for M Pattern to form. Once the M Trading patterns found, I will Make a Sell In Market. If Mcx Traders are interested to Get a Tips for Mcx Market Kindly visit our Mcx Tips Page. The straight reversal point for W pattern. I Will wait for Market to Make a Lower Low. Then I Will Wait for W Pattern to Form. Then I Will Make a Buy In market.

The Million Dollar Question In traders Mind are.. Will This M and W Trading Patters Win All the Time?  The answer are very simple. There is no Patterns Or indicators in market to Win all the time. Since this is Future Trading. Predicting the Future is Not Possible for all time. We Can Predict the future For Maximum of 70% to 80%. Then How we can Make a Profit Using this Patterns ? The Patience is the Only Way To Make a Profit Using this patterns. Always Wait with Patience Read a Movement After Breakout and Trade your Investment.


Best Forex Trading Tutorial In Tamil

forex trading tutorial in tamil

Forex Trading Tutorial In Tamil – Explained In Our YouTube Channel

Looking for Forex Trading tutorial in Tamil ? dont forget to visit our youtube channel. Before we get into the article, First let us know what is mean by forex trading. The forex trading nothing but of trading in major currency pairs. For example, Eurusd, Usdinr and more. If you search for forex trading tutorial in google. we get some trading strategies to trade for forex market. Does they really work? the answer is very simple. The trader who dont know the pattern of retail traders have no chance to win the forex market. Why the future trading are created? Very simple, To make Institutional profit from the retail traders. We do a fund management for forex market in India. Feel free to contact us.

How they loot the money from retail traders ? How ? They Loot by hunting the stoploss. To clarify that will give some example. There are 3 common terms happen in market. 1. Reaching your target 2. Stop loss hit and trend reverse & 3. Stop Hunting. Meanwhile of creating a new strategies, Try to understand the logic behind stop hunting. we cant predict the 1st two methods of trading. But we can predict the stop hunting method. Hope Above all words about the trading in forex market gives an idea for retail trader.

forex trading tutorial in tamil

There are many forex trading tutorial videos in tamil on youtube channel. But we Chidhucommodity are best in providing a unique Content. Follow us by our trading playlist forex trading in tamil YouTube. We chidhucommodity are highly recommending to stop creating a new strategies. Meanwhile try to create a strategy based on your losing trades. Only your losing trades can help you to avoid a loss and turn your loss into profit. we are In conclusion of the article, Trade Less Profit More…..

Supertrend Indicator In Tamil With Best Combination Of Indicators

Supertrend Indicator in Tamil

How To Use Supertrend Indicator In Tamil

Video below explained about the Supertrend Indicator In TamilBelow video would clear the basic doubts about the supertrend indicator. Like how to use the supertrend indicator to make Profit? The Best settings to use for supertrend indicator, and the combination to use with super trend indicator to make profit in stock and future market. 

Above Video about supertrend indicator will help the traders to understand the real movement of the market. Can Download the supertrend Indicator Formula from the following link. First the traders should know the basic movement of the market. Mean the traders should know the trading pattern of the market. Only the trading pattern decide the movement of the market, Not the Indicators. Traders loosing the time and money in stock market by searching for best Settings in supertrend period and multiplier for intraday. And Traders are Busy in creating the supertrend 1 minute strategy, supertrend 5 minute strategy,10 minute strategy and more. The result remains the same Loss. So Stop Searching for best combination with supertrend indicator. Supertrend Indicator in Tamil

The trend is your friend! we travel with trend But our friend makes us loss. Do the traders think why it happens ? It is because the indicators are designed for making us trade, To make the institutional traders profit. We make a loss and institutional makes profit from our loss. We Explained our RSI trading strategy in our blog So kindly dont forget to visit. Supertrend indicator video are uploaded on our youtube channel Dont forget to visit it too. So is there any chance to convert a super trend as profit indicator ? The answer is yes, But How ? Should wait for our chance to enter. We should think like institutional and we should make a orders at stop hunting points.

Forex Hedging Strategy EA In Tamil

forex hedging strategy in tamil

Forex Hedging Strategy In Tamil

Forex Hedging Strategy Guaranteed Profit

The above video are explained about the Forex Hedging Strategy in Tamil. Trading forex market and making Profit in it are big dream for all forex traders. But only few traders have succeeded in it. Mean only 10% of forex traders are succeed in it. Balance 90% for traders are finding hard to find a proper entry points to make a profitable trade. forex hedging strategy guaranteed profit method are not possible for all forex traders. Because the hedging are more risk in trading without the proper knowledge. We teach a forex trading strategy in tamil and English make a use of it. forex hedging strategy in tamil

Who can make a trade in forex using hedging method ? 

  • The trader who have a proper knowledge about the market turning point.
  • Who can analyse the trend reversal.
  • And the traders who have sufficient fund to reinvest in market

If the forex traders have the above criteria  can trade in forex with hedging strategy.

The forex or the future traders always search for strategy that works always in profit. the truth behind is, it is not always possible to make a profit in market. Even now few traders dont know the meaning of hedging, they search for forex buy and sell at the same time strategy. The great quote of Warren buffet , Rule 1 : Don’t lose the money & don’t forget the rule 1. This quote was misunderstood by forex and future traders. Since they dont want to lose money they use the hedging in forex market. And finally they search for answer of how to hedge a losing forex trade? and how to get out of hedge forex? can visit our youtube channel to know about the youtube forex trading strategies in tamil. Finally we are in conclusion of the article Trade with Stop loss.