M Trading Pattern & W Trading Pattern In Tamil

M and W Trading pattern in Tamil


There are many trading patterns in the market. But M AND W TRADING PATTERN are best of all. In this article we will explain Why it is best of all. Firstly the traders should know how the patterns work. The Patterns are nothing but of finding the movement of traders mindset. We can analysis the mindset of the traders by using the market patterns. Explained the M and W Trading Patterns in Tamil On Our YouTube Channel. Kindly make a Visit of it.

M and W Trading pattern in Tamil

Where the M and W Trading Patterns are Used In Future Trading ???

The Above all Image Shown are the Basic Structure of M and W Trading Patterns. I Follow the M and W Trading patterns on Trend Reversal Points. If Market Reach a Higher High, I Wait for M Pattern to form. Once the M Trading patterns found, I will Make a Sell In Market. If Mcx Traders are interested to Get a Tips for Mcx Market Kindly visit our Mcx Tips Page. The straight reversal point for W pattern. I Will wait for Market to Make a Lower Low. Then I Will Wait for W Pattern to Form. Then I Will Make a Buy In market.

The Million Dollar Question In traders Mind are.. Will This M and W Trading Patters Win All the Time?  The answer are very simple. There is no Patterns Or indicators in market to Win all the time. Since this is Future Trading. Predicting the Future is Not Possible for all time. We Can Predict the future For Maximum of 70% to 80%. Then How we can Make a Profit Using this Patterns ? The Patience is the Only Way To Make a Profit Using this patterns. Always Wait with Patience Read a Movement After Breakout and Trade your Investment.


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