Best Forex Martingale Robot In Tamil

Best Forex Martingale Robot In Tamil

Best Ea Forex Martingale Robot In Tamil

Chidhucommodity provide the best Forex Martingale Robot settings for Forex traders in India. Before we get into the Topic Lets Know What is Mean by Martingale Trading Robot or robo in Tamil. Martingale is nothing but of placing a orders or incrementing an orders on losing side of the trades. For example, we make a buy at 100 the market is going downside to 95 now we place another order with increment of lot size. Meanwhile let’s take a look to our YouTube channel Chidhucommodity. This channel contains the best trading strategy for Forex market and Indian stock, commodity market.

Best Forex Martingale Robot In Tamil

During the analysis of trading strategy most of the traders would skip the adding the martingale logic into their strategy. What is mean by Forex martingale meaning in Tamil? Watch our video you will get some clarity about it. Instead of searching for best Forex martingale in Tamil or Forex martingale Ea in Tamil try to create it by your own. Meanwhile let’s see an example of how to create a martingale Ea or Forex robot instead of searching it. If you have any doubt about the below example kindly contact us

As we explained previously, martingale is of about to add the lot size on losing side of the trade. For example once you bought gold at 100 the gold is going downside to 90 or below by that time you should buy another lot with increase in lot size. Hope the below example will make you understand about the Forex martingale logic.

Example Of Using Martingale Logic In Forex Market

  1. Gold buy at 100  with lot size of 0.01
  2. Gold went downside to 90, here buy gold with lot size of 0.02
  3. Again gold went downside to 80 or below, here again buy gold with lot size of 0.04
  4. Here the main logic is if gold reached an entry point of you 1st lot, you can book all the profit you bought at bottom with 0.04 lot size.

Before we get into the conclusion the traders should understand the risk behind the martingale logic. Trading martingale with a proper creation of strategy could leave to loss of your investment. We Chidhucommodity are the best mt4 Forex Ea developer in Tamil nadu. If you are searching develop the mt4 indicator developer in Tamil nadu kindly contact us.




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